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Our Live Transfer Solar Leads are live transfer calls with qualified solar prospects with an appointment date and time that goes straight to your installers and/or sales team to confirm the appointment.

Our Solar live transfers are verified, qualified, educated and scrubbed before we transfer the solar prospect.  We qualify for your criteria.

  • q-iconHow Do We Generate Solar Leads?

    Canvassed and Referral Leads Convert At A Very High Rate. We have street teams and affiliate referral channels across the country that produce face to face solar referral leads.

    We Generate all of our Solar internet leads through various types of response driven channels. Our method drives people to provide information because they are truly interested in Solar.

    For solar energy installers, companies and financiers looking to expand, we will help you find new solar customers. Our cost to acquire a lead is well below industry standard.

  • q-iconSolar Appointment Lead Filters and Criteria

    •Complete contact information ( address/phone/email/)

    • Electric only bill averages $150 per month or greater

    •Homeowner is NOT receiving discounts or assistance on their electric bill

    •680 FICO greater

    •Single Family, Detached Residence Properties Only-

    •Roof get sun! Roof Receives Adequate Sunlight Exposure

    •No BKs, Foreclosures, or Short Sales within the past 3 years

    •Appointment Date and Time for In Home Meetings

  • Canvassed Solar Leads
  • Referral Affiliate Solar Leads
  • Click To Call Solar Leads
  • Solar Parties
  • Kiosk
  • We offer a live, warm transfer that removes any unwanted " tire-kickers"
  • Solar live transfer program delivers qualified homeowners who are interested in adopting solar.
  • Proprietary data modeling increases conversions
  • Affiliate referral program solar leads
  • Nationwide solar street canvass network
  • Solar Live Transfers creates targeted residential solar leads in specific service install territories

    With our talented team of lead generators:

    -Targeted, industry-specific leads

    -Live, HOT transfer leads

    -100% call recording capabilities

    We successfully manage solar lead generation programs and ensure that our clients calling territory is scrubbed with the latest Federal/State DNC’s

Solar Live Transfer Benefits

•100% CONTACT RATE (Versus 25% to 40% with real time internet leads)

•Only clients who fit your loan profile will be sent over

•We focus on quality, not quantity


​Our Solar live transfers are thoroughly verified before you ever speak to the consumer.

Solar Leads Offered

  • Qualified Leads Offered

    •Real-time Internet Exclusive leads. We do not share leads

    •Live Call Transferred Solar Leads

    •Click To Call Solar Appointment Leads

  • Solar Live Transfer Campaigns

    Our Solar live transfers are verified before we make the transfer

    Click to call campaigns where the consumer gets qualified and then transferred to call center

  • Solar Filters/Criteria

    •FICO Score over 680

    •Has Income and has a desire to go solar

    •Electric Only Bill more than $150 per month with No Discounts

    •No Foreclosures or Bankruptcy’s in the past 3 years

    •Owner of a Single Family Home

    •Roof top has direct sunlight

    •All calls are recorded so you know the lead wants solar and committed to a site visit date and time

    •We train our agents on a daily basis

    •CRM login provided for real time lead tracking

    •We post to your CRM

    •Full Customer Support – We respond quickly to all inquiries to ease your stress levels

More Features Here

  • High Conversions = Best CPA in the Solar Lead Generation Industry

    Bad solar installation leads will stall your future growth by wasting time and money. We don’t resell junk leads for profit.  Work with us today:  Solar Live Transfer leads is a smart decision.

  • Stop Paying for Bad Solar Leads

    We generate our own solar leads. The company closest to the originating lead source wins. We generate our own leads so that our clients can convert more solar prospects into solar customers.

  • Economical Solar Leads

    Our Solar leads are designed to get your phones ringing with interested homeowners that want solar. Provide us with your geographical install footprint,time of the day and DID number to receive live transfer solar leads.

  • Generous replacement & satisfaction program

    Solar leads sold only to you and delivered instantly to your team via email or voice. Very generous replacement/satisfaction program with each order. Residential or Commercial solar leads available within most states.Our solar leads are Geo-location filtered.

Another Feature Highlight

Custom Leads – Rev Share – Appointment Setting

We also help solar companies produce their own solar leads. We build online and offline infrastructure to help our solar clients generate their own solar leads.  Utilize our call centers to set appointments, pre-sell even close deals. Create your own leads with our dedicated team.


We Educate and Qualify Our Solar Prospects

Our expert solar consultants are here to educate and inform, so you are empowered to make the right decision for you.


With our Residential Solar Lead Platform you can guarantee a better CPA/ROI on your  Solar Leads. With our unique instant call back platform, you can have a live call transferred straight to your sales team right when the solar lead hits our proprietary lead platform.

All Leads We Generate are Exclusive and Sold to Just One Client.

Discover the highest quality solar installation leads at lowest price.

Solar Lead Marketing Campaigns that Increase Your Sales With Exclusive Qualified Solar Appointments. Cut your Customer Acquisition Cost

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